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What is a Red Flag?

To highlight the clues that could have allowed the target to recognize that the email was fraudulent, you can choose to set up warning signals called 🚩 Red Flags in your scenarios. These will allow pop-up explanation windows to appear on the training page, which will appear when hovering over the red boxes with your cursor.


Check the standard email red flags
Add red flags in the email
Activate the red flag in the landing page

Check the standard email red flags:

To activate the email red flags, you must first duplicate the scenario, then click Next on the Details page to get to the email.

If you want this field to appear as a field that will be framed in red when the training page is displayed, check the Red Flag button. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

Add red flags in the email:

You can also add fully customizable 🚩**Red Flag** fields. Simply select one or more characters in the body of the email and click on the 🚩**Red Flag** button so that the selection can enter a message that will be visible later when the training page is displayed.

Activate the red flag on the landing page:

There is only one red flag to activate on the landing page, which concerns the display of the landing page URL in the target's web browser.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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