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How to allow Arsen simulations by IP address on Google Workspace/Google Apps?

This process allows you to authorize our phishing simulations if you are using Google Workspace or Google Apps.

If you have a cloud filtering system (anti-spam, anti-phishing) upstream, we recommend authorizing our phishing simulations on Google Workspace/Apps through the email header authorization process and authorizing us with your filtering solution via our IP address.


Step 1: Add the Arsen IP address to your whitelist
Step 2: Add the IP address as an incoming gateway.


To be able to apply this procedure, you must have access to the administration console of your Google Workspace / Google Apps account.

Step 1: Add the Arsen IP address to your whitelist

Log in to

Select Applications

Select Google Workspace

Click on Gmail

Select Spam, phishing and malware (this setting may be in the Advanced Settings menu in previous versions of Google Apps)

On the left, in organizational unit, select your primary domain name

In the Whitelist section, enter the IP address and click Save

From now on, our emails will arrive in your employees' inbox.

However, you also need to follow the next step to avoid banners that could artificially improve your employees' detection capacity.

Step 2: Add the IP address as an incoming gateway

This step reduces the number of visual alerts in your employees' messaging around our phishing simulations.

Still in Admin Console > Applications > Google Workspace > Gmail

Still selecting your Organizational Unit

Click on the Incoming Gateway menu

Check the Activate box

In the Gateway IP section, click Add, enter the IP address and click Save

Select Require TLS connections from the messaging gateways listed above

In Add tags to messages, check The message is considered spam if the header matches the following regular expression

In the text field, enter an arbitrary value such as fjlriohdftoiuyagdfjhvkbj. This value will never match a header that we will send, which will bypass spam detection through the following two steps.

Select The message is spam if the regular expression matches

Check Disable Gmail spam detection for messages received from this gateway and only use the header value

Click Save.

Updated on: 06/03/2023

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