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How to check a collaborator's results?

To be able to observe the progress made by a collaborator, you will need to follow the results obtained by them in the different phishing campaigns they have been targeted in.

The statistical data accumulated after several campaigns often allows progress to be observed.

To access the page presenting a collaborator's results, click on a name in the employee list.


Modifying the collaborator's profile
Accessing and exporting the collaborator's behavior history during campaigns
Updating the employee's security score.

Modifying the collaborator's profile:

To update the collaborator's profile properties, click on the Edit button in the collaborator's record. Modify the information you wish to update, then click on Update to save changes.

Accessing and exporting the collaborator's behavior history during campaigns:

Access to the detailed history of the collaborator's behavior in the campaigns where they were targeted is available from the collaborator's record.

You can view the campaigns submitted to this collaborator and see their compromise level, campaign by campaign.

To view the details of their actions, click on the campaign title. The page that appears is that of the campaign, where you can search for the employee you were focused on, as well as other types of data.

To export a collaborator's results, click on the Export Employee Campaigns button.

Updating the employee's security score:

The security score is defined as the calculation of an employee's behavior collected during campaigns they were targeted in. Its result is the average of all campaign scores, weighted by each campaign's difficulty.

We take into account all possible compromising actions that will decrease the score, such as clicking on a phishing link or compromising the employee's credentials. We also take into account all good actions, such as reporting an email or reading the training page, which will increase the score, all weighted by each campaign's difficulty.

You can view an employee's score in their record.

Note that the security score here corresponds to a collaborator's score at the precise moment you view their profile. To view the score's evolution over time, you have a graph available.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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