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How to use the group list?

To better target a high-risk population within a company (VIPs, privileged accounts...), Arsen suggests creating groups that allow for results by pool of employees within a company.

Arsen allows you to create as many groups as you want and allows a collaborator to join multiple groups. The platform also guarantees the classification of these groups by categories for greater readability.

To create a group and to view the performance of each group, click on Groups in the navigation menu.


View groups in the list
Add a standard group
Add a dynamic group
View the results of a group

Display groups in the list

Click on the Groups section to display the group list.

You can search for a group, by its precise name, through the search field.

Add a standard group

To add a standard group, click on Create Group. You can then choose Standard Group and add the name of the group.

Add a dynamic group

A dynamic group is defined as a group whose composition changes automatically according to employee updates on the platform. Unlike a standard group, a dynamic group offers greater flexibility.

For example: If you want to send a campaign to employees who are currently onboarding. Create a dynamic group of people who have never received an Arsen campaign.

This way you can concentrate on what's really important: create and send your campaigns.

To create a dynamic group, click on Create Group, then on Dynamic Group. Then add the name of the dynamic group and choose the type of dynamic group you wish to see set up, by clicking on Attribute, and which criteria to apply for updating the group by clicking on condition.

You can combine group types and conditions. Click on Save to confirm the creation of the dynamic group.

View the results of a group

To view the results obtained by a particular group, simply click on the name of the group to display the group's data, following the same principle as for employees. You will find the group's security score, the individual results of the collaborators who make up the group. Finally, you can modify the group's information from this page.

Updated on: 27/07/2023

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