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How to use the group list?

To better target a high-risk population within a company (VIPs, privileged accounts...), Arsen suggests creating groups that allow for results by pool of employees within a company.

Arsen allows you to create as many groups as you want and allows a collaborator to join multiple groups. The platform also guarantees the classification of these groups by categories for greater readability.

To create and categorize groups, called Group Types, and to view the performance of each group, click on Groups in the navigation menu.


View groups in the list
Manage group types
Add a group
View the results of a group

Display groups in the list

To filter the display of the group list, click on the group types that form fully configurable categories.

You can also search for a group, by its precise name, through the search field.

Manage group types

To create, modify, or delete group categories, click on Manage Group Type.

Add a group

To add a group, click on Add Group. You can then choose the name of the group and its category (Type).

View the results of a group

To view the results obtained by a particular group, simply click on the name of the group to display the group's data, following the same principle as for employees. You will find the group's security score, the individual results of the collaborators who make up the group. Finally, you can modify the group's information from this page.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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