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How to use the employee list ?

To be able to add collaborators, called employees in the platform, and consult their individual results for a campaign, you must first understand how the employee list works.

To access the employee list, click on "Employees" under the "Company" section in the menu.


Using filters and the employee list
Adding an employee
Exporting the employee list
Viewing an employee's results

Using Filters and the Employee List

To filter the list of collaborators, you have three fields available.

The first one allows you to display more items in the list.
The second one allows you to filter by collaborator group. By selecting one or more groups, you will only display the collaborators who belong to that/those group(s) in the list.
The third is a text search field in which you can do an advanced search to display only one collaborator.

Adding an Employee

To manually add a collaborator, click on Add Employee.

Start by filling in their first name, last name, and email address, taking care to verify that the domain name of their email address belongs to you and is on the list of domains verified by Arsen to be able to launch a phishing campaign.

Finally, you can associate this employee with one or more created or uncreated groups. At this point, you can search for or create a group from the Groups field at the same time as the employee's record.

Adding an employee in this way can quickly become time-consuming. To save time, use the .csv import, which will allow you to quickly import thousands of collaborators and potentially update your employee list.

⚠️ The import is limited to 20,000 collaborators per .csv file.

Export employee list

To export the list of your employees registered in the platform, use the export button to the right of the import button.

Viewing an Employee's Results

To view an employee's results during one or more campaigns, click on their name, and you will be redirected to their personal record where you can view their results.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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