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How to launch a multi-scenario campaign?

A multi-scenario campaign involves sending two or more scenarios to the selected targets, in preparation for the campaign launch.

Only one scenario is sent per target and its allocation to the collaborator is done randomly.

The advantage of multi-scenario campaigns is to prevent collaborators from sharing the fact that it is a security test and thereby skewing the results. This avoids 🗣️ rumors and makes your security score more 📈 reliable. The idea is for them to find clues that lead them to choose not to click, rather than doing so because a colleague told them to.

Combined with an assessment campaign, choosing a multi-scenario campaign allows for greater discretion, especially if you choose different sending times and days and target more employees.

This article specifically covers selecting multiple scenarios in launching a campaign.

How to select scenarios for a single campaign?

To learn the basics of launching a campaign, click here.

After selecting the targets of your campaign, click on Next to access the scenario choices.

You have filters to search for the scenarios you want to use during your campaign. Then select the scenarios you want to use for your campaign.

Click on Next to choose the date and time of your campaign sendings.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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