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How to use the partner dashboard ?

The partner dashboard, also known as the multi-tenant dashboard, offers you the possibility to manage all your customers' accounts from a single interface and to open new accounts independently. Contact us so that we can activate it for you.


I - A dashboard for simplicity
II - A dashboard for more autonomy

I - A dashboard for simplicity

The partner dashboard is a table that allows you to access your customers' accounts without having to log out to switch from one account to another.

You will be able to connect to the different user accounts with the same login, email and password.

Use the arrows in the right hand column of the table to access an organisation. (boxed in red)

Click on the See Organizations Dashboard button to return to the main dashboard and be able to connect to another organization that makes up your holding.

II - A dashboard for more autonomy

The partner dashboard feature gives you more autonomy. You can now open an Arsen account by clicking on the Add New Organization button accessible from the dashboard (red arrow)

From the pop-up window that opens, add the name of the organisation and the domain name of your client.

At the time of the first connection on the account, you will have, as for a "classic" opening of account, to carry out the initial configurations and to contact us in order to increase the quota of sending of emails available on the account and to compose the team which will have access to this organization from the dashboard.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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