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How to customize my phishing simulation scenario?

When editing a scenario to modify it, start by changing the scenario details.

Click on Duplicate when you have found the suitable scenario from the available scenario library.

Customizing a scenario involves 4️⃣ steps:

Modify the scenario details such as name, language, and explanation of the scenario's flow.
Modify the phishing email.
Modify the credential harvesting page, the landing page.
Customize the awareness page, the training page.

Start by choosing a name.

The name is important as it allows you to easily locate the scenario in your scenario list accessible by clicking on the My Scenarios button.

Modify the language and difficulty.

The difficulty is up to you, and you can modify it if desired. You can also modify the language if the chosen scenario is translated into multiple languages.

Add a description.

To provide details that will make it easier to locate the scenario later, you can add a comment visible only to the account owner and admins.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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