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How to edit the training page?

Before launching a campaign, you can modify a scenario. First, you will need to modify the email details, then the phishing email, and finally the landing page, leading to the modification of the training page.

Modifying the training page is the last step in modifying a scenario, accessible by clicking Duplicate from the scenario library.

Click Next three times to skip the email details, phishing email modification, and landing page modification.


Step 1: Customize the layout
Step 2: Customize the warning messages

Customize the layout

To brand the training page, you have a section of fields available to convey your brand image and the message to your compromised employees.

You can modify:

Explanation related to URL verification
Add your company logo
Change the background and text colors
Modify the page title
Modify the page subtitle
Add an exit button to the page, change the CTA text, and write the redirect URL.

Customize the warning messages

To customize each warning message related to all 🚩[**Red Flags**](/en/article/what-is-a-red-flag-1rjp7j9/) activated in the email and landing, you can modify the text that will be displayed as an overlay when hovering over the red boxes made by Arsen.

Updated on: 13/04/2023

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