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How to modify the phishing email in my scenario?

To modify the phishing email and include personalized elements, click on Duplicate on the scenario thumbnail from the scenarios list. Once you have entered the details, click Next.


Modifying general email information
Modifying email body

Modifying general email information

You can modify:

The sender's name
The sender's email
The email subject

Regarding the sender's email, choose the email domain from the exhaustive list available to you. This list is regularly updated by our team. Additionally, you can configure your own sending domains.

🚩 Red Flags

If you wish to indicate that one of these three fields should have alerted the collaborator before clicking, you can check the flag on the right of the field.

If you want this field to appear as a field that will be framed in red when displaying the training page, check the flag. Otherwise, leave it unchecked.

If you check a flag, this will allow you to personalize your training page by framing the field in red and allowing you to choose the explanation phrase selected by Arsen, or to modify it for your own mention.

Modifying the email body

To modify the email body, you have an accessible toolbar and the email in editing format.

Here is the list of actions you can take on this email:

You can write in the email, add color, modify the font...

You can dynamically include information in the email, on the target, or on the organization by adding tags in the email to make it more personal.

The tags are called Tokens in the platform.

Here is the exhaustive list of available Tokens :

{{ target.firstname }}JohnRecipient's First Name
{{ target.lastname }}DoeRecipient's Last Name
{{ }}""Recipient's Email
{{ }}ArsenOrganization Name
{{ organization.domain }}Arsen.coOrganization's domain
{{ toImage(organization.logo.url) }}<img src="https://[...]/logo.png" />Organization's Logo
{{ toImage(organization.logo.url, { heigth: 100, width: 100 }) }}<img src="https://[...]/logo.png" height="100" width="100" />resizing of the organisation's logo
{{ organization.logo.url }}"https://[...]/logo.png"Organization's Logo URL
{{ campaign.phishingUrl }}"https://[...].fakedomain/"Phish Link
{{ }}"+33610111213"Target's phone number
{{ formatDate(now, 'short') }}04/10/2022Today's date
{{ formatDate(now, 'medium') }}04 oct. 2022Today's long date
{{ formatDate(now, 'long') }}vendredi 14 octobre 2022Today's long date
{{ formatDate(now, 'time') }}14:56Exact time

To access a greater level of detail, you can edit the HTML code of the email.

Click on the < > button to edit the HTML code.

Finally, to preview the email, you can click on the eye icon 👁️‍🗨️.

Updated on: 31/01/2024

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